Great American Foundation a 501(c)3 non-profit organization sponsors and promotes a variety of events with the focus on bringing community awareness and raising funds for the needs of our citizens. Great American Foundation prides itself on making sure your donation dollars are used to the provide the greatest impact on the lives of people that need it most. Here are a few of our ever growing programs.  

For Our Veterans and Active Military

Back to Basics

Working to meet the needs of our wounded soldiers by providing comfort items during their ongoing treatment and recovery. The items requested may be as simple as a deck of cards, magazines or clothing. Other request may include providing travel arrangements for family members to be by the side of their loved one during this challenging time or the construction of ramps and other easements at their home to aid in their recovery. Even assisting with basic utility bills is sometimes needed.

It’s our goal and mission to fulfill every request made to provide comfort and reduce the day to day stress. These often over looked needs can easily be fulfilled with even the smallest contribution. The ability to deliver on these modest requests can make a remarkable difference in the recovery and mental health of our critically injured troops.

Home Away

While many of our active military men and women have family support during their time away from home, others do not. Recognizing the need to offer some home feel good items while serving our country brought us to develop “home away” packages. These packages may contain any combination of things like letters, snack foods, healthy and sweet treats, games, DVD’s, coffee, hygiene products, phone cards, batteries and the list goes on and on.

We continue to work with VFW post and local businesses to develop ongoing intake locations. Intake booths will also be available at all festivals and events throughout the year and distributed to the grateful soldiers as often as inventory allows. Recipients of the home away packages can be elected by fellow soldiers by submitting a request directly to The foundation will also continue to reach out to contacts within local bases to locate additional recipients.

For Our Country’s Education

Smart Start Supply Fund

All too often our teachers must reach into their pockets to buy supplies for their students. It’s no secret our schools are underfunded and salaries remain low. The future of our country’s workforce depends on the ability to provide a quality education. Great American Foundation is building a network of businesses and private donors willing to support the ongoing need for school supplies. This is accomplished with donations to purchase supplies and receiving donations of the supplies needed. The demand for supplies is greatest at the beginning of the school year. However, It’s critical to build the supply fund year-round in order to deliver on time and when needed most.  

Great American Award

In an effort to recognize and promote greatness within our schools, we have created a fund to award the teachers that are relentless in their pursuit to provide a quality education. By acknowledging and awarding their hard work, it encourages other teacher’s to take notice. The public announcement also sends a message to the student’s they teach that hard work gets awarded.

The award will consist of local media announcements, a personalized plaque and $500 to further promote education within the awarded teachers’ classroom. These awards are only limited by the amount of support and donations we receive in order to provide them.

Every Donation Helps to Change a Life Forever